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In this amazing place you will see the species of fish, amphipods and reptiles derived from various parts of the world, e.g. Africa, North America or northern Europe. You will be able to touch some of them, but do not try to shake hands with the Silver arowanas, the Red piranhas or the inconspicuously looking Chinese softshell turtles! The Green anakonda is not that friendly either. It hunts during the night – it grabs and strangles its prey in its plexuses. Brrr….
The Dwarf crocodile seems a bit more sociable as it is satisfied with fruits. So is the Seahorse – vertical swimmer. In the marine and freshwater aquaria, you will be able to admire the most magnificent, beautiful, sometimes dangerous and terrifying aquatic animals of the world. You will certainly become friends with the Giant octopus, whose sisters dwell in the cold depths of the Pacific Ocean. You can ask one of the educators about its way of life – these people are the specialists in oceanography, biology or environmental protection, and will bring you closer to the world of seas. You will observe small creatures under the microscope lens, you will see larger ones in the aquaria. You can even touch or hear some of them. In the Gdynia Aquarium’s Education Chamber you will find specimens of fish, reptiles, birds and marine mammals. The most interesting ones are: the Atlantic sturgeon, the Hammerhead shark, the Common dolphin or the Wandering albatross.
You will exit Gdynia Aquarium full of unforgotten memories and enriched with knowledge that you will unquestionably be fond of developing. Wouldn’t you be interested in the Electric eel? Or the coral reef? What does it mean that it’s living? These red cauliflower-like organisms are animals, not plants!
The Aquarium is expended constantly, so that such young, curious of the world visitors like you could directly experience underwater life of different corners of the world. It was not long ago when a new expositional space, titled Amazonia, was created and the visitors – thanks to the tank filled with water only by half – have an impression as they are diving between flora and fauna of the South America.