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The biggest moving stairs in Europe will bring you into the world of ocean. Does it sound interesting? Read on!

The tunnel of adventures, the research station, the pool with colourful large fish and huge meadow of the sea grass is a place in OZEANEUM prepared specially for the sea hotheads just like you. At the exhibition for kids and youth you will see the world of marine creatures at hand, you will discover the secrets of the tiniest inhabitants of the sea under the microscope. You can even virtually race some of them here! You will hear the seahorses, the clownfish and spiny lobsters - for sea is a realm full of sounds.

You will unquestionably find something interesting for you in the following exhibitions in OZEANEUM as well. The hum of the sea waves, the view of the virtual Earth globe and the fossils, create the unique entrance to the exhibit: WORLD OCEAN. There are wallboards with the curiosities on waves, wind, global warming and other subjects that you have probably heard about before. Or perhaps you are interested in the information on marine water properties, sea flows or geological development and circulation?

The Baltic Sea, which you probably associate with sand castles or playing football, will amuse you with the biodiversity of organisms. You will be able to see them in detail at the BALTIC exhibition. Some of animals’ or marine plants’ species are unfortunately endangered. Environmental pollution, seafaring or pipelines – you will be able to evaluate on your own, which causes the most damage to the inhabitants of our sea.

The exhibition titled INVESTIGATING AND EXPLOTING THE MARINE RESOURCES will allow you to see the technical possibilities of research in our sea. There is the first German investigation submarine vessel which submerged over 800 times, and specific tools for collecting samples of benthos – the group of organisms living at the bottom of the sea - gathered even from the depth of 6000 m. Would you like to invent something that would help people to explore undiscovered areas of our globe?

And the biggest attraction at last! The models of 26 meters long blue whale and 10 meters long killer whale which seem so realistic that it gives you the creeps. In the exhibition titled THE GIANTS OF SEAS AND OCEANS you will see whales and other marine giants of natural dimensions.

You will also be delighted with the extraordinary aquaria: THE BALTIC SEA, THE NORTH SEA AND THE ATLANTIC. In both of them you will feel almost like a fish, surrounded all over by water and sea creatures. Imagine, how much there is still to be discovered in the underwater world, since we know more about Mars surface than of the sea depths secrets…