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In the Lithuanian Sea Museum there is a couple of constant, impressing exhibits: AQUARIUM, MARINE FAUNA EXPOSITION, MARINE MAMMALS AND BIRDS, NAVIGATION HISTORY and marvellous DELPHINARIUM! Which exhibit would interest you the most?
IN THE AQUARIUM you can see i.a. Lithuanian freshwater fish and species of the Baltic Sea regions. Dependent on the species, the fish are fed with dry fodder enriched with vitamins, frozen and living crustaceans, earthworms, frozen fish and so on. The biggest attraction is the tour during the fish feeding time!
At the exhibition devoted to the marine fauna you can track the evolution process, starting with the most primitive, and ending with the most complicated forms of life. You can see the models of the birds, tropical fish or dangerous and predatory animals inhabiting seas, like the Great white shark growing up to 4,5 meters, the Blue marlin or a swordfish.
You will also certainly like the “Penguinarium”, prepared specially for the penguins. Have you known that they eat over one kilogram of the Baltic herring a day? Next to the penguins the gigantic sea lions live. One of them likes to show off before the audience during the summer! Not far away the Grey seals and the Common seals are swimming. These predatory animals can dive up to 100 m deep, while fat (located in considerable amounts under the skin) helps to keep the required body temperature and remain at the water surface.
Have you ever thought about conquering far lands? Are you perhaps a fresh sailor? In the Lithuanian Sea Museum the ships’ models, archaeological findings and documentary materials on navigation history are gathered. You will find the information on the sea catastrophes and rescue actions. The exhibition called “The Sea Heritage: the Pieces from the Deep” comprises i.a. the parts of the ships retrieved from the Baltic Sea, the collection of the marine knots and anchors.
We can not miss the last exhibition of the museum which presents all the buildings located in the fishermen’s settlement: the living house, cowshed, granary, bath house, basement, drying-room used to dry fish and nets. Ask the guide how the old-fashioned fishing differs from the modern one. You could be surprised with the answer…