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Museum of the World Ocean is the major museum in Russia, presenting the history of the ocean research. Everyone who dreams of becoming a sailor in the future should visit this place! The museum exhibits include marine ships, research units and ice-breakers collection.

Here you can see ships and warships moored at the historic shore in Kaliningrad, such as the research vessels Vitiaz and Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev, the B-413 museum submarine and the fishing trawler SRT-129. Vitiaz journeyed 800 000 miles, the depth of the Mariana Trench (11 022 m) was measured on this unit and a new family of animals was discovered here – the bead worms. Presidents, premiers, ambassadors, people of culture and famous scientists entered the board and you will be the next one to do it!

The submarine ship B-413 has an equally fascinating story. It is the only one in Russia and one of few in the world museum located on a submarine ship, which was build before the atomic warships epoch. There is an exhibition on the board: “The History of the Russian Submarine Fleet”.

Did you hear anything of the research vessel Cosmonaut Victor Patsaev? If the answer is no, you need to fill this lack of knowledge immediately! It is the only museum ship in the world that is equipped in the space communication system. It was used, among other things, as a spaceships tester. Even now the ship is used to communicate with the International Space Station.

In the Museum of the World Ocean there is a unique collection of corals and shells; there is also a lighthouse with a viewing terrace – here you can see a beautiful cost and cathedra. If you are a beginning photographer, bring your camera necessarily!