• Prove that your memory is excellent. Watch the cards for a few seconds and then restore them from your memory. Uncover two cards at a time and if they are the same they will stay revealed. Keep in mind that you have only two minutes to solve the whole screen and every 60 seconds some of the unrevealed cards change places. Each matched pair gives you extra time and extra points. Can you set a new high score? Try your best on each of 10 available levels, starting with just 12 cards and ending with 20.

    Steering: mouse.

  • Welcome to the underwater world. Don't miss any single difference between the two pictures. Take a close look and mark all the differences you can find. For each correctly identified difference you get 10 points. After finding all the differences you are awarded by a jigsaw puzzle game. Arrange the picture on the left to make it look the same as the one on the right.

    Steering: mouse.

  • Become an underwater hunter. Starting as a small fish you can eat only fish, which are smaller than yourself and you should avoid bigger predators. The more fish you eat the bigger you grow until you can eat the biggest fish swimming in the depth of the ocean. Hunt for extra points and pearls, but remember – don't let the others eat you. Play all 20 levels and become the biggest underwater predator.

    Steering: mouse - left-click to speed-up.

  • Fishing is an excellent hobby. It requires both concentration and reflex. Help Little Joe become a great fisherman. Catch as many fish swimming under his boat as you can. You decide whether it is better to catch smaller, less valuable fish or bigger, more profitable but rare ones. The more points you earn the better fishing rods and floats you can buy and increase your chances for a successful fishing day.

    Steering: keyboard - down arrow to flog, left & right arrows to move the boat.